VAGLOG is a tool permiting to analyze VAG-COM's log file. It facilitates the graphs creation by using the VAG-COM's log files generated. VAGLOG uses the csv format file and offers you a set of customization criterias permiting to generate the graph you want. VAGLOG is fast, simple to use, keep stored your data and your images ... welcome on board!


VAGLOG has the next functionnalities:
  • Uses directly the *.csv file generated by VAGCOM;
  • Compliant with all version of VAGCOM;
  • Generates your graph in only 2 steps;
  • Many graphical customization criterias;
  • lines selection before before generating the graph;
  • Possibility to choose a secondary scale;
  • Display VAGCOM marks on curves;
  • Select the displaying limits based on the marks or on the samples numbering;
  • Customization of lines colors, legends et other graphical elements;
  • Graphs are stored in files with *.jpeg extension;
  • Generation of a link to image for each graph generated;
  • Possibility to create a member account;
  • Each member has 15Mo space for storing images and datas;
  • Reuse previous uploads;
  • All generated images are stored in a galery;
  • Number of files unlimited ;
  • ... much more to come;


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